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i dun no why, but i HATE HOMEWORK!! simply put, HOMEWORK is RETARDED. juz dun ever ever let me do one! i can bare to do other things such as dancing in public or such, but HOMEWORK is a no no to me. especially HOMEWORK that needs me to write for damn hours juz to finish it up. so, yeah, i'm now building a society fr those lucky anti-homeworkers lyke me; Anti-homework Society for Retarded Students. feel free to join d group. no fees needed. no need to fill up those damn registration form n whatsoever. juz let me no. n i will be more than happy too if u want to post anything tht u DISLIKE 'bout HOMEWORK. if u agree wif my society even thou u dun want to join me, juz leave me comments. if u dislike d way i dislike HOMEWORK, let me no too. maybe one day, MAYBE, i will no the benefit of 'aving HOMEWORK (yeah rite). then, i will love all my HOMEWORK wif all my heart. haha. (tht ain't gonna happen!! XP )  so guyz, i summon all of u (who read diz nonsense), if we r frenz, let us against HOMEWORK!! WE MAKE THE WORLD BETTER WITHOUT HOMEWORK!! HOMEWORK IS GOING DOWN!!! YEAH!!

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