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First of all, i summon all of you earthlings to save our beloved planet - earth. It is destined to be our duty to decrease the pain that the earth suffer from time to time. Not to mention the pain that we as human beings suffer from our own doings. The climate drastic change due to deforestation, release of chlorofluorocarbon or CFC for short and such parallel causes the ice in north/south pole to melt and thus increases the sea level. Heck not only that, easy put - the earth is dying from H10N10. *i just made it up.

Please don't take things for granted

We can save the future for our children or even grandchildren by just making some changes in our life. First step, reduce the usage of plastic bag. Simple, if you only buy a bottle of mineral water for example, it would be no harm if you had to carry the bottle while finishing it in like what, 5 to 10 minutes? Then, you throw it away like it cost you nil of cash. It is not that hard, the bottle is not THAT heavy. If you feel uneasy to carry the bottle here and there, then bring along a bag with you. Sling bag, back pack, hand bag, any bag other than plastic bag of course.

Seriously, can you imagine this conversation happening in the next 10 or 15 years if presently we just sit back, eating popsicles while watching the world dying from day to day?

*Year: Somewhere in 2025 
Me : I wish i could go to the zoo and watch those lions, rhinos like the old times. Shall we go to the National Zoo, Lisa?
Lisa : Mommy, what are talking about? Lions already extinct 9 years back. I even haven't born during that time.
Me : Really? I just noticed that like 3 seconds ago.

Lisa : Mommy, where is Antarctica? All I can see in the google earth is only sea. Nothing more than that.
Mommy : It used to be a land where the polar bears and penguins lived on. Most of the land was made up of ice. Unfortunately, the ice melts over time due to climate changes and now as you can see, only sea left. The end~
Lisa : Wait mommy, what is penguin anyway? 
Mommy : Google it.

Look at those plastic bags !


Creative aye? 
Thanks for reading.
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p/s : My english is a disaster. There are mistakes here and there but hey, this is my blog. deal with it. Peace! :))

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