A Memo


A memo to all who call me friends out there ; 

I may not remember your birthdays, 
But when I do, I'll make you at least feel appreciated to be born on that very day by giving you a warm birthday wishes that can make you smile all day long.  (:

I may not keep in touch with you for a very long time, 
But when we meet up, I'll make sure there will be no awkward between us. I'll show you that we will always remain friends no matter how far our distance are presently. (:

I may not be a good delicate person for you, 
But at least I'd try my best not to hurt your feelings and become a better person in life through you. (:

I may suck in consoling you while you're down to the earth,
Instead, I'll set you aside so that you can think about it all over and finds the answer within you. From there I'll give you strength and support you by your side, push you from behind, pull your hands until you're back on your feet and walk again. (:

I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings, friends. And by accepting me of who I am, thank you very much. I pray for our everlasting friendship. Amin. 

I'm not perfect cause nobody does. smiles. peace.

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